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​quotes from Veronika's students

'Veronika is a fabulous Yoga instructor.  We have had biweekly classes at our home in Hanalei with classes of four to fifteen people and participants ranging in ages from 4 year olds to 60 year olds and she was very good at adjusting the classes to meet our needs.  I would highly recommend Veronika!'  - Sandie T.

'Yoga on Kauai--does it get any better?  Veronika offers the best of the best--the benefit of an extremely skilled yoga instructor and Kauai's gentle ocean breezes and lovely weather mixed together.  Just thinking back to the three outdoor classes we took with Veronika during our 10-day stay, relaxes me.  She tailored the classes to our needs and offered alternatives whenever anyone neared the limits of their abilities on a particular pose.  I highly recommend Veronika's classes, and intend to contact her to set up classes again next year when we get to the island.'   - Netty M.
'Veronika adjusted really well to our groups varied experience levels and was patient, caring, and gentle; everyone loved her classes at our home.'   - Gary Scott, Adventure Travel Guide​​​

'I usually wake up with pain in my back, it locks up every morning.  After a couple of your classes it started to feel better, and after the fourth class I woke up without any pain at all.  I'm going to keep practicing yoga!'  - River, 11 years old

'Veronika's class was fantastic, and it gave me more energy to enjoy beautiful Kauai!  Not only is she an excellent teacher, she truly embodies what she teaches'    - Valerie K, Ka'eo Kai Resort Guest

'What I love most about yoga with Veronika Rose are the natural rhythms and the gentle pacing she employs. I feel strong, fluid and flexible long after a session has ended.'  - Suzanne Sims

'Veronika is an excellent yoga teacher -she tuned right into not only my body, but also my emotional, mental and spiritual self...'
Andrea Brower, Malama Kauai

'Each yoga session with Veronika is a deeply internal
experience that ends in profound peace.'  - Sara McCay, Artist
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