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Nia is a body-mind-spirit fitness practice. Based on the joy of movement, Nia blends a range of rhythmic music styles with carefully choreographed hour-long routines that combine led movement and free dance. Through expressive movement, Nia empowers people to achieve physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. 


It is the first and foremost 'fusion fitness' program of its kind, inspired by the power and precision of Martial Arts, Healing Arts, and Dance.
Developed by dance-fitness pioneers Debbie and Carlos Rosas over 25 yrs ago, Nia engages body, mind and spirit to deliver a fantastic whole-body workout— sweaty, creative, rhythmic and FUN!
Nia can be done gently or intensely, it's up to you. Come discover the power and joy of this creative, fun, and energizing class. If you love to move, you'll love Nia.

​​Benefits of Nia:

* Cardiovascular Conditioning
* Improved Muscle Tone / weight loss
* Emotional Release
* Greater Flexibility, Mobility, Agility
* Strength and Balance
* Stress Reduction
* Greater Awareness
* Improved concentration
* Internal FREEDOM!
* Peace and Joy

'I love Nia! It is a fun way to get your cardio exercise. It is energizing and it wakes up every muscle in your body.'  
Cyndee Fehring, Aurora Foundation
'When I discovered Nia, I experienced a sense of sanctity in my body - something I feel compelled to share with others. Nia allows me to breathe deeply inside myself.'   Anonymous​


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Available for private groups only at this time.


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