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​While living in India in 2006 I learned the art of Mehndi - henna temporary tattoos. Henna is the name of the plant used to die the skin, mehndi is the art of painting it on the body.  It is traditionally used with brides before a wedding, or in circles of women, as the plant gives a calming effect to the nervous system and is very relaxing. 

The use of mehndi was originally a Vedic custom intended to be a symbolic representation of the outer and inner sun, centered around the idea of 'awakening the inner light'.  The earliest designs were sun symbols on the palms of the hands.  
Modern day henna in the western world is used for temporary tattoos of pretty much any design or symbol. The effect is still calming and the feeling of having it on your body is very pleasing, there is a warmth and gentleness to it, very different than ink tattoos.


Simple to more elaborate designs are available, or I can copy a design you bring. It generally lasts 1 - 3 weeks depending on the individual.  I use high quality, pure ingredients in my henna paste, no chemicals or dyes.

Glitter tattoos are also available, the glitter stays on a few days.  Body gilding with gold and silver powders is also an option, especially nice for brides and special events.
Body painting with paints that wash off right away is also available.

Henna and glitter tattoos are great for bridal or baby showers, and other special events.  Henna tattoos are also a great way to try out a design to make sure you like it before going permanent!  
Please call or email if you have any questions or want to book an appt.  I can usually meet you within an hour if you are on the north shore.


(see more designs at #hennahanalei)


mehndi pregnancy, henna belly kauai

PREGNANCY HENNA as a blessing for the birth

henna hanalei, henna kauai
traditional henna mehndi, henna kauai, henna hanalei
henna kauai, henna hanalei

Glitter Plus Henna

Lace Techinque
glitter tattoo body painting


Great for parties or events



henna bride kauai
henna kauai, henna hanalei
SANSKRIT or other characters
polynesian tattoo, honu, turtle, plumeria

Polynesian Designs

polynesian band, arm band
henna kauai, henna hanalei
henna kauai, henna hanalei
KIDS LOVE IT!  Great for birthday parties..
henna hanalei, henna kauai
henna kauai, henna hanalei
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